Towing, Recovery, and Transport Services

Light Duty

We have light duty wreckers that are ready for any car recovery and small truck recovery less than one ton.

Our light duty flatbeds or rollbacks are used for transporting 4×4 and AWD cars and trucks less than one ton. Flatbeds and rollbacks can also be used to transport exotic cars or motorcycles.

Light Road Recovery

Medium Duty

We have medium duty wreckers that are ready to tow any small box truck, small bus, or day cab tractors.

Our medium duty three car carriers are used for transporting multiple cars, towing trucks with plows or medium duty 4×4 trucks.

Medium Duty Towing
Medium Duty Recovery

Heavy Duty

We have heavy duty wreckers for towing and recovery of tractor trailers, large busses, and motor coaches.

Our heavy duty Landoll Trailers are used for transporting forklifts, badly wrecked tractors, farm equipment, and other heavy machinery.

Heavy Duty Towing
Heavy Duty Recovery
Landoll Trailer


We have light, medium, and heavy duty tools to use for any transport. Whether its just a AWD car that needs a tow to the shop on a flatbed or a turned over tractor trailer that is heavily damaged and needs a Landoll trailer we have a solution for you.

Our flatbeds are used for transporting AWD and 4×4 vehicles under one ton.

Our Landoll trailers are used for transporting heavy machinery like forklifts, farm equipment and badly wrecked tractors.

Landoll Flatbed

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